Ljubljanica Gladio (blue scabbard)

Ljubljanica Gladio (blue scabbard)

material: brass

description: replica of the Roman sword found in Vrhnika, the Ancient Nauportus, in the bed of the Ljubljanica river, in present-day Slovenia, together with its scabbard, described by a rather particular net decoration on the front, made in one piece. The length and proportions of the scabbard and the blade with a rather pronounced tip are indicative elements for its late Republican dating. (ref Feugere, 1993, 140).
All the metal parts were in a brass in whose alloy the analyzes with PIXE technique have ascertained a percentage of zinc that oscillates between 15 and 18%. The weapon is equipped with two fixing systems: the traditional Roman system with rings and a rear support through which it could be fixed to the belt, as specified in the study by Janka Istenič, extensively consulted for this reconstruction. The handle is made of hand-carved olive wood and bone. The blade is in tempered K720 steel and the metal decorations are in brass.

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Dimensions 1 × 1 cm