The brand Domvs Artificis has been created by Zamart, the company founded by my father in the seventies. Zamart manifactures metal objects in an artisanal and semi-industrial way (brass, bronze and silver).

Over the time we have specialized in the restoration of canvases, restoration of furniture, gilding and lacquering. This area is managed by my mother, teacher of art education and restoration.

Il Fondatore

I was born in Perugia in 1967 and took my first steps in the
company immediately after I graduated from the Institute of Art
of Deruta as a Master of Art. I immediately began experimenting
the techniques acquired during my studies in the workshops of
important local artisans, refining techniques of metal manifacturing
and later restoration, gilding and lacquering techniques as well,
experimenting various types of work of considerable complexity.

Bernardo Pettorossi