bracelet from “La Casa del Bracciale d’oro” in Pompei

Gold plated 24k bronze bracelet hand burnishedt from “La Casa del Bracciale d’oro” in Pompei

Material: gold plated shiny or matte finiture 24k bronze

Technique: lost wax casting

Origin: Replica of the gold bracelet that comes from “La Casa del Bracciale D’Oro” in Pompei, it is one of the most valuable and beautiful objects of the finds of ancient Pompei.
Made even more precious because it was found on the wrist of one of the fugitives whose body, in this exhibition, is reduced to a cast together with the group of people who died in an attempt to escape the eruption. The large gold bracelet weighs more than half a kilo (610 grams). The jewel is characterized in the terminal part by two faced snake heads that hold between the jaws a disk with the bust of the goddess Selene (Luna). The goddess is a girl with a head crowned by a crescent surrounded by seven stars and raises her arms to hold back a swollen veil.


Dimensions 8 × 6.5 cm