Bronze belt buckle and plate of Gurzufskoe Sedlo

Bronze belt buckle and plate of Gurzufskoe Sedlo (rivets and small plates included).

Material: bronze

Origin: Replica inspired to the plates found near the the Sanctuary of Gurzufskoe Sedlo (Ukraine) and datable to the end of the 2nd to the beginning of the 1st  century B.C.. The plates have been found with a lot of Roman material of military origin that goes back as far as the 3rd century BC. Specifically, the plates we are talking about, dated to a period between the end of the II century and the beginning of the I century B.C.. During the Mitridate wars, which the tribe of the Tauri, ally of Mithridates IV Eupator, would have preyed on them together with various other material and subsequently ritually deposited in the temple of Gurzufskoe Sedlo, in the mountains of Crimea.


Dimensions 65 × 85 cm